former ku klux klan leader johnny lee clary :)

ANDREW DENTON: In ’79, I think you would have been about 22, you went to a radio debate with the Reverend Wade Watts…Reverend Wade Watts…who was the state leader of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People who’d worked with Martin Luther King. And when you got to this debate, he held out his hand for you to shake.

JOHNNY LEE CLARY: Yes, yes he did.

ANDREW DENTON: Did you hesitate?

JOHNNY LEE CLARY: I, I, he caught me off guard. See, I’m expecting this black militant to come in with a great big afro this big and an African dashiki on, with bones hanging around and a button on that says, “I hate honkies” and “Death to crackers,” you know? All that stuff. And I figured he’d have on…

ANDREW DENTON: You seriously thought that?

JOHNNY LEE CLARY: Yeah, that’s what I thought. And I thought he’d come in there with a boom box, blaring out the theme from ‘Shaft’. And I figured he’d flash a switchblade at me and go “Black is beautiful, honky. I’m gonna kill all you white devils.” You know, that’s what I thought I was gonna see. So when the door opened up and in came Reverend Wade Watts and he’s wearing a suit and a tie and he’s carrying a Bible. And he walks up and puts his hand out and goes, “Hello there, Mr Clary. I’m Reverend Wade Watts. I just want to tell you I love you and Jesus loves you.” And I mean, I’m shocked, you know. And he puts his hand out and I’m shaking his hand without thinking, ’cause this was not what I was expecting. And then I realised I’d just broke a Klan rule and I jerked my hand back, you know. And I started looking at my hand, which he saw that and that was meant as an insult. The Klan rule book says, “The physical touch of a non-white is pollution.” And I thought, “I just shook hands with a black person.” And he sees me looking at my hand and he goes, “Don’t worry, Johnny. It don’t come off.” And, you know, I start calling him names, and go, “You no-good, sorry, bleep, bleep, bleep. You mother-this, you this, you that.” And he looked at me and goes, “God bless you, Johnny. You can’t do enough to me to make me hate you. I’m gonna love you and I’m gonna pray for you, whether you like it or not.” And I didn’t know how to deal with that. I had never had that happen to me before.

ANDREW DENTON: A few years later, you burnt down his church, didn’t you?

JOHNNY LEE CLARY: Set fire to his church. What happened was we started off going by his house, calling him names, we got no response. Threw trash all over his lawn, got no response. We showed up with our sheets and hoods and stood out there in his yard, saying, “Get on out here, boy, we got something for you.” And he comes outside and he goes, “Boys, Halloween’s four more months away. I got no trick or treat in here for you. Come back in October.” And he goes back in the house.

ANDREW DENTON: That’s a brave man.

JOHNNY LEE CLARY: Yeah. And, I mean, I didn’t know how to deal with this. And so the Klan goes, “You got anymore bright ideas?” And I said, “I don’t know.” I said, “I’ll tell you what we’ll do.” So we burned a cross across the street from his house. He came outside and asked us if we needed hotdogs or marshmallows for our barbeque, you know. So finally, I said, “I’m tired of messing with him” and we set fire to his church. And they put the fire out before the church was destroyed and I remember I called him up and disguised my voice and I said, “Hey, boy, you’d better be afraid. We’re coming to get you, boy. You don’t know who we are but we know who you are.” And he goes, “Hello, Johnny.” And he goes, “A man like you takes the time to call me, I’m so honoured.” And all that stuff. He goes, “Let me do something to you. Dear Lord, please forgive Johnny for being so stupid. He doesn’t mean to be so ornery, he’s a good boy trying to get out somewhere in there.” And I hung up the phone on him and I said, “How dare him?”

And so, the funniest thing that happened with him, though, is, I didn’t know what to do and I was at my rope’s end. And one day we was watching him and he went into a restaurant, so we got a bunch of us together and about 30 of us went in there and surrounded him. And he had this chicken there on the table. And I walked up and I said, “Hey, boy, this restaurant’s for white people only, we don’t want you here.” I said, “So, I’m gonna make you a promise.” I said, “I promise you we’re gonna do the same thing to you that you do to that chicken. So you think real hard before you touch that chicken.” So he looked at me and looked at the Klan, then he picked up the chicken and he kissed it. And when he kissed the chicken, the whole restaurant acted just like y’all did. They all started laughing and everything. And I looked up and even the Klan was laughing. “You gotta admit, that was funny.” I said, “Every one of you, outside.” I’m outside and they’re doubled over, laughing. I’m going, “You guys are gonna get suspended and lose your robe for two weeks.” I said, “I’m getting tired of this.” And I’m hollering at them and yelling and they’re laughing. I heard a horn honking and Reverend Watts is driving off, going, “Bye, Johnny.” And that’s how he chose… That’s how one old black – we never bothered him again – and that’s how one old black man defeated the entire Ku Klux Klan. Because he used this (Johnny points to his head) instead of brawn.

ANDREW DENTON: And he used this too (Andrew points to his heart). A very brave man.


how one japanese village defied tsunami

Stanovnici priobalnog mesta Fudai na severoistoku Japana prezziveli su cunami od 11og marta ove godine zahvaljujuchi zidu visine 15 download putty ,5 metara. Zid je izdrzzao nalet ogromnog talasa i samo je jedan mali deo vode uspeo da ga predje i pokvasi kuchne pragove naselja sa tri hiljade stanovnika.

Svoje zzivote i occuvanje svoje imovine zzitelji Fudaija duguju prethodnom gradonaccelniku g. Kotaku Wamuri, koji je sedamdesetih godina prosslog veka uprkos snazznoj opoziciji i kritikama da je projekat rasipniccki i nepotreban uspeo da sprovede u delo ideju o podizanju zasstitnog zida visseg od uobiccajenih mera. Danas, dok se malobrojni prezziveli mnogih potpuno unisstenih pribalnih naselja ovog dela Japana bore sa nesagledivim materijalnim i emotivnim posledicama tragedije, stanovnici Fudaija u znak zahvalnosti posechuju grob svog bivsseg gradonaccelnika.

Kao svedok tragiccnih posledica cunamija iz 1933 godine g. Wamura je insistirao da se tako nessto ne sme ponoviti. Podizanje zida u vrednosti od 30 miliona americckih dolara mnogi su ipak osudjivali kao megalomanski poduhvat. I kada je najzad uspeo da ubedi cclanove gradskog vecha da je takva gradjevina jedini naccin da se saccuvaju zzivoti, tokom izgradnje bedema duzzine preko 200 metara vechina stanovnika je sumnjala u ispravnost odluke, a vlasnici u tu svrhu eksproprisanog zemljissta su se i osstro protivili.

G. Wamura, koji je bio gradonaccelnik Fudaija tokom 10 mandata – od kraja II. svetskog rata pa do 1987 godine – upornim zalaganjem uspeo je da od malog ribarskog naselja napravi prosperitetnu i turisticcki atraktivnu zajednicu. Preminuo je 1997 godine, u svojoj 88 godini. Na ceremoniji odlaska u penziju okupljenim sugradjanima je poruccio da “ccak i ako se suocciss sa protivljenjem, sledi svoja ubedjenja i dovrssi zapocceto. Ljudi che na kraju razumeti.”

From Herald online, “How one Japanese village defied the tsunami”

Na “Google Earth”-u mozze se videti occuvano naselje i zbrisan prostor izmedju zasstitnog zida i mora.

german punk teacher and school director

Since 20 years was Mathias Isecke-Voglesang a punk teacher in Süsel, a small town in Schleswig-Holstein. As of last year, he is a school director in a school in Lübeck, with high percentage of migrant-children. The parents and his new colleagues are very glad to have him as a teacher and a school principal; Isecke-Vogelsang wants to bring to the children his norms and values – individuality and solidarity. He says: “The children should learn to divide outside appearance from inside values. I want to make it worthwhile to go to school.”

Source: Die Welt: Punk-Lehrer will Schüler zu Individualität erziehen.

ps: “Vogelsang” means “Bird song” 🙂

Mathias Isecke-Voglesang

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Mathias Isecke-Voglesang
Mathias Isecke-Voglesang Previous Next Close
Mathias Isecke-Voglesang
Mathias Isecke-Voglesang Previous Next Close
Mathias Isecke-Voglesang
Mathias Isecke-Voglesang Previous Next Close
Mathias Isecke-Voglesang
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jesus vs eve (or how to be in the service of justice and good by beating a pregnant woman)

Serbian Ministry of (mal)education has published “A collection of exercises in Serbian language” for the entrance exam for enrollment in secondary schools. Questions are related to the school textbooks that children use every day. So is the national fairytale “Mute tongue” also in the textbook for the eighth grade (13 years old pupils). This is a story about a shepherd who, after rescuing a snake, received as a gift from her the ability to understand animals. So he learns from the mare that his wife is pregnant and smiles on hearing it; his wife, however, wants to know why is he smiling, but he must not disclose the secret of his gift. As the woman persistently continues to question him, shepherd, advised by the rooster, takes the club and beats her.

So far, so good. A fairytale is a fairytale and we can not question the attitudes of medieval narrators. But in the collection of exercises (which the Ministry has approved) the correct answers to the following questions are these:

1. Shepherd’s wife in the fairytale deserves to be punished because of
her inappropriate curiosity and negligence (fantastic)

2. Reader would have wished to have the power of the main character in order to
deal with every situation correctly and therefore always be in the service of justice and good (even better)

3. Shepherd shows the following characteristics:
curiosity, devotion and loyalty, persistency, honesty and kindness (aggression is not mentioned)

-> Read the whole text from Marija Dimić on Kiklop’s blog (in Serbian)

Happy Easter: scenes from the game Bible Fight:

Jesus vs Eve

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Jesus vs Eve
Jesus vs Eve Previous Next Close
Jesus vs Eve
Jesus vs Eve Previous Next Close
Jesus vs Eve
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Jesus vs Eve
Jesus vs Eve Previous Next Close
Jesus vs Eve
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Jesus vs Eve
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Jesus vs Eve
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24th march 1999: 10 years after

Beograd, 2009.

Draga moja,

Mi smo dobro, preko dana je skoro normalno ali nocu
udaraju. Juce smo proslavili mali jubilej:
komandu su pogodili pedeseti put. Opet je ispalo ono
staklo iznad ulaznih vrata. Tata je rekao da ce ga jos
sad staviti, a sledeci put cemo zazidati.
Sve je sada mnogo lakse, kada se samo setim 1999. dok su
oni jos imali rakete i avione, onda je stvarno gruvalo.
Onda su presli na gadjanje dinamitom iz aviona
(kako smo ih samo gadjali prackama) i konacno nas gadjaju
kopljima i sekirama (vrhunske izrade). Inace
vode imamo dovoljno, svaki put kad pada kisa skupljamo je
u burence. Sto se hrane tice, sada je prolece pa ima
narcisa. Juce smo rucali divnu supu od domaceg vrapca,
bareni bastenski korov sa macjim filetima.
Pili smo divno vino (neidentifikovanog porekla),
a na kraju smo se pocastili sa kolacem od narcisa sa
malo blata (umesto cokolade). Milica i Teri su sa
zadovoljstvom polizali ostatke (mada znas da posle
Lekica malo sta ostane). Jutros sam se setao gradom.

Rov Kneza Mihajla je pun ljudi, bila su i neka dogadjanja
u Terazijskoj rupi.Najgore mi je sto sam svaki put
mokar jer moram da preplivam Savu. Inace u krater na
Slaviji su postavili neke kioske pa sada mnogo lepse
izgleda. Dobro je da nocu ne trebaju svetiljke jer
sve svetli od one trece atomske bombe.Steta sto su onu
cetvrtu ispustili u Francuskoj, pa em sto nema vise
Francuske, em bi nama bilo nocu jos svetlije.
Inace sutra je isplata drugog dela penzije za novembar
2004. Mama rece da ce obe marke da da za hranu.Videla je
divne macje polutke. Inace u skoli nista novo,
mnogo je lakse raditi sa odeljenjima od po 7-9 ucenika.
Izgleda da je radijacija ucinila svoje, pa su i djaci
bolji. Olgica treba da ide sa svojim maturantima na
ekskurziju,verovatno ce ici na Karaburmu da gledaju
najveci krater na Balkanu. Zao mi je sto se pobise
Rusi i Ameri pa smo mi nekako pali u drugi plan,
a i nivo mora je nesto visi otkako je Amerika potonula.
Nasi kumovi su na vreme otisli, sada su na ostrvu
Brace Jerkovic (jedino sto ratuju sa Vozdovcem,
hoce samostalnost za svoje ostrvo sa 213 stanovnika).
Ali ni ratovi nisu ko sto su bili, nema vise krupnog
kamenja. Svakodnevno gledamo TV (imamo neki stari ram,
pa svaki dan neko drugi stane iza njega pa kao
pravi program). Kao sto vidis nije tako strasno,
pisi kako je na vasem malom ostrvu.

Ja sam O.K. sto se ne bi moglo reci i za stakla na
mojoj kuci. Puno te pozdravljam i nadam se da ste ti i
tvoji takodje dobro!

Humor iz vremena NATO kampanje. Autor: nepoznat


F-117 “Stealth” shot down

During the NATO bombing of Serbia between March 24th and June 10th 1999, Serbian army managed to shoot down one F-117 “stealth” aircraft in the fields some 50 kilometres north-west from Belgrade. For a few days all media in Serbia was full of reports about this great “success”, many people were ridiculously happy about it, and some even visited the site to express their joy by dancing on aircraft’s remains.

As it always is, after some time no one was interested any more in this pile of scratch; as I heard, it seems that some nearby Roma took the remains of F-117’s tail and wings to renew their shabby housings. But they were not to enjoy its protection for very long, for Russian intelligence was just as much interested in it: materials used in this most advanced killing machinery were NATO top secret. Despite of the protests of F-117’s new proprietors every single peace of metal was consequently taken away, and ended – if you want to believe in it – in Russia.

Dancing on remains of F-117

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Author: unknown
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lowest death toll on german roads

According to the state federal statistic agency, 4 467 people died during the last year in car accidents in Germany. This is the lowest death toll since the beginning of official recording in 1950, and a continuation of the positive development in last years. In 1970 there were around 22 000 deaths in traffic accidents (only in West Germany!).

Comparison to Serbia:

Germany’s population: 83 Million.
Serbia’s population: 7 Million.

Registered vehicles (Germany): around 60 Million.
Registered vehicles (Serbia): around 2 Million.

Total accidents 2008 (Germany): 2 280 733
Total accidents 2008 (Serbia): 63 875

Death toll 2008 (Germany): 4 467 (1 in every 510 accidents)
Death toll 2008 (Serbia): around 1 000 (1 in every 64 accidents)

Car in the church

Car in the church Previous Next Close
After loosing control and driving his car too fast over a small slope putty , the 23 year old driver and his car landed on the church roof in Germany’s state of Sachsen. The driver survived but was seriously injured. Photo: Harry Härtel.

luz maria

Newspaper description of 36th episode of the series “Luz Maria”:

“Modesty says to Alvaro that, according to the letter, Lucecita does not know that Gustavo is also there. He feels relieved. Then she goes to Emilio to tell him that she is going to debunk Angelina. She goes to Miguel to ask him to raise Mirta’s salary. He is becoming harsh to her and she, as usual, plays a martyr. Vain and stubborn, she complains to be ignored, and blames Lucecita for it. Miguel defends her. Angelina becomes jealous, but at the end she gets at least the raise of Mirta’s salary. Not knowing who the owner is, Lucecita goes to the ranch for work. She is recieved by Pedro’s wife Charo who tells her that the boss will come soon, so she will be able to meet him. Lucecita is nervous. Alvaro says to Angelina that he already knows the truth about her alleged handicap and tries to convince her to bring out the truth, but she is stubborn and follows her plan.”

Luz Maria

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