lowest death toll on german roads

According to the state federal statistic agency, 4 467 people died during the last year in car accidents in Germany. This is the lowest death toll since the beginning of official recording in 1950, and a continuation of the positive development in last years. In 1970 there were around 22 000 deaths in traffic accidents (only in West Germany!).

Comparison to Serbia:

Germany’s population: 83 Million.
Serbia’s population: 7 Million.

Registered vehicles (Germany): around 60 Million.
Registered vehicles (Serbia): around 2 Million.

Total accidents 2008 (Germany): 2 280 733
Total accidents 2008 (Serbia): 63 875

Death toll 2008 (Germany): 4 467 (1 in every 510 accidents)
Death toll 2008 (Serbia): around 1 000 (1 in every 64 accidents)

Car in the church

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After loosing control and driving his car too fast over a small slope putty , the 23 year old driver and his car landed on the church roof in Germany’s state of Sachsen. The driver survived but was seriously injured. Photo: Harry Hรƒยคrtel.


In order to rebuild what has been destroyed in Gaza during the latest attacks by Israeli military, it is estimated that 40 trucks full of building materials should be arriving at Gaza each day for a whole year. Even if these trucks do arrive in this small land turned into a concentration camp, their load will not be able to help children traumatized by this never-ending war rooted in stupid and banal religious hatred. How many dead humans, ruined existences and destroyed cities are necessary before people realise that there is no God, and stop killing each other over dead ideas?

Children in Gaza

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Author: Unknown to me

antihuman propaganda

It hurts just to watch this poster.
But it should never be forgotten.

English translation:

60000 RM
costs our national society
this genetically disordered one
during his whole life

Our national comrade
it is also your money

“New people”

Monthly magazine of Racial-political bureau of NSDAP”

Euthanasie propaganda

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Author: Unknown download putty