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15 November 2011

melchboden start site, panorama

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It were two wonderful paragliding days in Zillertal, Austria. Sunny and warm, with temperatures of up to 14 degrees: fantastic weather that does not fit in Alps in this time of the year. The climate is definitely changing.

I made 6 flights in very calm air, and tried for the first time the spiral dives. Wow! The speed and the sounds made my heart pumping. On my last flight I dived 140 meters in 14 seconds, which makes around 10 m/s sink speed.

Here is the panorama photo of the start site “Melchboden” in 2000m above the sea level. The photo was made 2 years ago, but the weather conditions were the same like the this weekend. Hope you will get a bit of impression how beautiful it was 🙂

I suggest to use the fullscreen mode download putty , and to try out some of the view options available on the right mouseclick.

Gleitschirmflieger im Zillertal in Österreich

11 November 2011

maya, me, dragonfly and grandpa’s gravestone

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maya <a href=

putty , me, dragonfly and grandpa’s gravestone” captiontext=”maya, me, dragonfly and grandpa’s gravestone” />Photo by: Gaga

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