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  1. nata says:

    lep most 🙂 daj podseti me gde to bese?

  2. pezza pan says:

    negde u bosni… jajce mozzda? tu smo onomad napravili pauzu

  3. Kiklop says:

    “Knjige za decu su jednostavne, uvek postoji dobro i zlo i, naravno, sre?an kraj.”

  4. pezza pan says:

    Blago deci.

  5. nobby says:

    he, petar, das male ich! wo issn das? das andere hab ich schon gemalt…das vom letzten donnerstag! steht im keller, erter absatz hinter dem gartenzwerg, der den pilz putzt.

  6. mipko says:

    The strong German Army forces must to cross over the bridge (somewhere in Yugoslavia) on their way back from Greece,in the year of 1944.Yugoslavian Partisans Headquarter send a group of commandos to destroy the bridge and hold up Germans.

    Hajrudin Siba Krvavac (sometimes called “Bosnian Raoul Walsh”) was the best ex-YU action movie director.”Most” (“The Bridge”,on English)was his first big hit,followed (three years later)by his most famous masterpiece-“Valter brani Sarajevo”.”Most” is totally in Siba’s style: great fight scenes,plenty of action and very,very little (almost zero)stupidities about communism (that was regular in movies about Partisans made by other ex-YU directors).

    Actors are great,too.Bata Zivojinovic is very good in just another one of his numerous “German-soldiers-exterminating”roles.Slobodan Perovic (in the role of architect who creates the bridge and now must to destroy his masterpiece)is excellent,so as Jovan-Burdus Janicijevic,one of the most popular ex-YU supporting actors.Relja Basic(role of SS officer) show us that villain characters are not strange to him.

    Unfortunately,many people who worked on this film are not still alive (including director Hajrudin Siba Krvavac,and actors Slobodan Perovic,Jovan Janicijevic and Boro Begovic)and this comment is some kind of my hommage to them.

  7. Milan says:

    lepa slika i dobra prica!

    taj film moram gledat.

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