luz maria

Newspaper description of 36th episode of the series “Luz Maria”:

“Modesty says to Alvaro that, according to the letter, Lucecita does not know that Gustavo is also there. He feels relieved. Then she goes to Emilio to tell him that she is going to debunk Angelina. She goes to Miguel to ask him to raise Mirta’s salary. He is becoming harsh to her and she, as usual, plays a martyr. Vain and stubborn, she complains to be ignored, and blames Lucecita for it. Miguel defends her. Angelina becomes jealous, but at the end she gets at least the raise of Mirta’s salary. Not knowing who the owner is, Lucecita goes to the ranch for work. She is recieved by Pedro’s wife Charo who tells her that the boss will come soon, so she will be able to meet him. Lucecita is nervous. Alvaro says to Angelina that he already knows the truth about her alleged handicap and tries to convince her to bring out the truth, but she is stubborn and follows her plan.”

Luz Maria

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