lowest death toll on german roads

According to the state federal statistic agency, 4 467 people died during the last year in car accidents in Germany. This is the lowest death toll since the beginning of official recording in 1950, and a continuation of the positive development in last years. In 1970 there were around 22 000 deaths in traffic accidents (only in West Germany!).

Comparison to Serbia:

Germany’s population: 83 Million.
Serbia’s population: 7 Million.

Registered vehicles (Germany): around 60 Million.
Registered vehicles (Serbia): around 2 Million.

Total accidents 2008 (Germany): 2 280 733
Total accidents 2008 (Serbia): 63 875

Death toll 2008 (Germany): 4 467 (1 in every 510 accidents)
Death toll 2008 (Serbia): around 1 000 (1 in every 64 accidents)

Car in the church

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After loosing control and driving his car too fast over a small slope putty , the 23 year old driver and his car landed on the church roof in Germany’s state of Sachsen. The driver survived but was seriously injured. Photo: Harry Härtel.

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