six years without

“In order to achieve great changes that we need as a nation we must have energy. Therefore, political leadership must act as a motivational trainer in order to arouse that energy.“

“My priority is to remove all obstacles on Serbia’s road to Europe, without thinking whether those obstacles are set in a justified or an unjustified way.“

“Several things are necessary in reforms, first of all a unique vision of society. I call on people to remember that vision, the vision they fought for, the vision of an organized and successful country in which every individual is well aware of its position and responsibility“

“We want victory at any price. We know no fear. If you have a right idea and if that idea is historically alive and if your only opponent is one historically dead idea, then the victory is a matter of survival for one nation“

“If someone believes they can stop the implementation of the law by eliminating me, they are seriously deluding themselves, because I am not the system. The system will continue to function, and noone will receive amnesty for their crimes by eliminating one or two government officials.”

Dr Zoran Djindjic, assassinated Serbian Prime Minister
1952 – 2003

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