Last saturday Michael & me made a bike tour near Regensburg. We drove through the woods, across the fields, up and down the hills. A few times Michael led us through the fileds full of nettle. It burnt a little, but the day was beautiful, sunny, the air in the woods was as fresh as it only can be, and nothing could spoil our happiness. Simply fantastic. Finally we reached the point some 200m over the Danube wih a nice view. From there we started our descend 🙂

There was a steep narrow path leading down, on the very edge of the woods. On one side there were trees, on the other side the abyss. Between the path and the abys some thoughtfull people have put a wire fence. But, for whatever reasons, they used barbed wire.

The rest is clear, isn’t it? At one point I lost my bike under me and flew over the barbed wire, cut myself on the leg, shoulder and arm, hooked to the wire with my pants and held to it with my left hand, not to fall down. Quickly I jumped back, checked the bike, and continued (slowly…) to ride down.

At the end we sat in a nice beer garden on the bank of the Danube and drank weizen beer. Michael made a few photos. Afterwards I took a shower and drove to the University Clinic to receive antitetanus vaccine. They were very kind and gave me two, for I have never received any in my life.

Yesterday I told Daniel that our cat Mietzi had a rage attack and scratched me, so that I had to throw her out. At first he believed. 🙂

Extreme sports

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Extreme sports
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Extreme sports
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Extreme sports
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By Michael putty

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  1. dzo says:

    Seci macckama kandze i neche bit problema 🙂

  2. Alison says:


  3. aegrisomniavana says:

    Ubicu te k’o zeca!

  4. pezza pan says:

    Jedva prezziveh i sad chess ti joss da me ukokass 🙂

  5. Alex says:

    Immer diese Mountenbike-Caoten!

    Wo warst du da, ist das unter Dir die Donau?

  6. DANIeL says:

    “Blood & Honour”

    Aber das mit dem Fahrrad fahren war ja scho öfter ein Problem bei Dir …. ;o)

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