Last week I flew to Zagreb with Croatia Airlines. The small propeller aircraft of the type “Bombardier” bore the name “Istra”. It arrived late from Zagreb, so we boarded with almost one hour delay. The next one and half hours we waited in the plane because there were some technical problems at first. Then they solved the technical problems, but had to wait for the documentation about technical problems. At last the documentation arrived, but in the meantime the snow started and the wings froze, so we had to wait more, for wings to be “defrosted”. A special service truck arrived and sprayed some shampoo-like liquid all over the aircraft. Finally we were ready.

During the flight I made a few photos of the engine with my mobile phone. Although the blades were almost invisible to the naked eye, on the photos they look very interesting 🙂

Fly with Istra

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Fly with Istra
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Fly with Istra
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8 Responses to “fly with istra :)”
  1. gagamara says:

    uvek ima vishe nego shto mozemo da vidimo,
    there is always more than we can perceive 🙂

  2. pezza pan says:

    srechom pa imamo instrumente,
    use all the means to extend perception 🙂

  3. gagamara says:


  4. Kiklop says:

    “Bombarder”! Dobro ste proÅ¡li, mogli su da vas bacaju kao bombe 🙂

  5. pezza pan says:

    Ni bombarderi nisu k’o ssto su nekad bili 🙂

  6. Kiklop says:

    Kuda ide ovaj svet, cccc….

  7. Kiklop says:

    To ja golim okom (naked eye).

  8. gagamara says:


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